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What are the dates of camp and how long is Camp ReCreation?

Camp ReCreation will be 2 weeks this year 

at the Richardton-Taylor Public School

2024 Camper Sessions:

June 3rd-6th 

June 10-13th


2024 Volunteer Sessions:

June 2nd-6th

June 9th-14th


How is Camp ReCreation funded?

Camp ReCreation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are funded largely by donations and grants.

As a volunteer, what is expected of me?


As a volunteer, you will participate in activities alongside the campers. To ensure success, it is your responsibility to foster a fun and rewarding experience for your camper.​ We have numerous ways to volunteer- Contact us today! 

As a camper, what is expected of me?

As a camper, your expectations are to participate in camp activities and having fun with other campers, volunteers, and staff. You are responsible for the success of camp by staying positive, participating and respecting others and the guidelines of Camp ReCreation. 

What types of activities do you do at Camp ReCreation?

Each year there a variety of activities, such as, bonfires, swimming, bowling, outdoor games, dances, and more. Along with these great activities, campers and volunteers attend daily classes together (art, religion, games, music).

How much does it cost to attend Camp ReCreation?

Camper fees are $225 for the 1 week session and $50/day for day campers. Volunteers are free. Pre-registration is required on our CampDocs Portal. See links under camper or volunteer tab early March. There is no cost for volunteers to attend. 

Are meals provided?

YES, all meals and snacks will be provided for everyone.

Are there age limits for campers and volunteers?

Camp ReCreation does not have an age limit for campers. Camp ReCreation requests that you are at least 14 years of age or older before you apply to be a volunteer.​

Can I bring a friend?

YES! We encourage you to bring friends along who would like to experience Camp ReCreation either as a fellow volunteer or camper.

How will Camp ReCreation benefit me?

Camp ReCreation is a wonderful place to make new friendships, rekindle old ones, as well as build bridges of understanding and friendship between campers and volunteers. You can also earn required community service hours, service ministry or possibly even get college credit.

Does Camp ReCreation have t-shirts?

YES! Camp ReCreation will be supplying camp shirts this year. They are preordered, thus, we ask that you select a size during registration. If you would like to purchase an additional t-shirt for a friend or family member, there's an option in registration for that too!

Can I invite my friends and family to Camp ReCreation events?

Camp ReCreation encourages the public to attend any of our scheduled events. Attendees are required to register through our CampDocs portal.


What is the best way to contact my son or daughter while they attend Camp ReCreation?

Since cell phones are prohibited at Camp ReCreation, we ask that you please call (701) 974-3774 and speak to a director. The director will gladly get you in touch with your son or daughter, as needed.

Are electronics allowed at Camp ReCreation?

To avoid loss or damage to your electronics we ask that you limit the items you bring to Camp ReCreation. We encourage you to bring a camera and capture the many great memories of your stay. If you like to listen to music, we remind everyone that Camp ReCreation is a Christian-based camp and only appropriate music will be allowed. There is an option to purchase a USB drive with all of the fun pictures from the week for $10. You may pre-order this through registration. 

Cell phones, tablets, and laptops ARE NOT ALLOWED at camp. All cell phones, tablets, IPods, MP3 players, and laptops will be turned over to the directors upon arrival at Camp ReCreation. If you need to call someone, the directors will provide a telephone for your use. If you have questions or concerns please, contact the office.  

Is Camp ReCreation open to the public?

YES, we welcome the public to attend any of our scheduled activities. A schedule will be posted on our Web site and/or Facebook to determine what events you would like to attend. Please check back closer to the dates of camp for an updated schedule.

We invite you to send your questions to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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