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About Camp Recreation

Why Camp ReCreation?

Camp ReCreation instills endless values in those who participate and volunteer. Values such as respect, compassion, community involvement, and volunteerism are encouraged and fostered, as are the core Christian values of love, sacrifice, and service. Camp touches hearts through service and compassion, as well as through the continuous support of those dedicated to making a difference. Camp is a fun-filled week of learning, loving, and living.

When is camp?

Camper Sessions: June 3rd-6th & June 10th-13th, 2024

Volunteer Session: June 2nd-6th & June 9th-14th, 2024

Where is camp?

Camp ReCreation is held at the

Richardton-Taylor Public School at

320 Raider Road, Richardton, ND


Who is at camp?

Campers and counselors come from all over North Dakota to spend a week at Camp ReCreation! Among the many new faces you will see at camp each summer, there will be several familiar ones as well. These are just a few of the many people involved with camp each year:

  • Lisa Lawrence, Program Director, Board of Directors President

  • Jackie Lausch, Camp Director, Board of Directors Vice President

  • DeEll Jordre, Office Manager, Board of Directors Treasurer

  • Ashley Rebel, Camp Director, Board of Directors Secretary

  • Kim Rebel, Camp Nurse, Board of Directors

  • Danelle Dahlke,  Camp Director, Board of Directors

  • Shelly Meyhoff,  Camp Director, Board of Directors

  • Father Boniface Muggli, Board of Directors (not pictured)

  • Julie Dukart, Board of Directors (not pictured)


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What do people say?

"Camp ReCreation cannot be fully described with only words. That is why everyone should come and experience one (or two) life-changing weeks during the summer. It is truly an experience of a lifetime."

Kourtney Heinrich, Teacher

"Camp is always impossible to describe. It is the most stretching, trying, and incredible weeks of my year. Although I am exhausted by the end of the week I don't want to leave. I never thought it was possible to become such good friends with so many people in just a few days. I would encourage everyone to be a counselor for at least one summer."

Alyssa Tonneson, Counselor

"Camp is an exciting and inspirational event that anyone should at least experience once in their life, because they will probably be hooked and come back more!"

Brianna Fleck, Counselor

"I would say that [camp] is hands down the best volunteer work I have ever done. Work isn't work when you're having fun."

Brady Wingenbach, Counselor

"It was such an eye-opening experience for me. It gave me more patience and understanding. I loved all the campers because they have such big hearts and they just love unconditionally. I made a ton of new friends. I just love Camp ReCreation!"

Alex Hellman, Counselor

"I absolutely LOVED camp. It is such an amazing experience. You are able to have a week to get out of your comfort zone and care about other people. The friends you make there and the memories last a lifetime!"

Teresa Armstrong, Counselor

"These two weeks are the best of my year, every year. The camp is filled with true and unconditional love, and people with the desire to serve. It reinvents who I am."

Mary Armstrong, Counselor

"It really is a treat when you are able to see Christ in others, and be able to bring joy to these individuals' lives for a week and beyond that."

Luke Charley, Counselor

"To see the growth that both campers and counselors make throughout the week is priceless. The campers are definitely a blessing and a joy to be around. They change our lives for the better every moment of every day."

MiKayla Pfliiger, Counselor

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